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Bitvae R2 Rotating Toothbrush – Black / White

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Clean, Sensitive, White, Gum Care, Tongue. The 5 brushing modes are designed to meet all your oral care needs and help maintain a healthy mouth.

Cleans 4X More Plaque

Bitvae electric toothbrush removes 400% more plaque than a normal manual toothbrush thanks to its powerful motor, unique windmill design and arc-cut bristles.

8 Replacement Toothbrush Heads

Includes 6 daily cleaning brush heads, 2 gum care brush heads and a toothbrush head cover. This 8 soft bristle heads provide 2 years of use.

30-Day Battery Life

Bitvae R2 rotary electric toothbrush features a 3-hour quick charge battery that lasts up to 30 days, far outperforming other toothbrushes on the market.

Visible Pressure Sensor Helps Protect Gums

No more worry about damaging your gums by using excessive force. Our pressure indicator will light up RED to remind you to reduce pressure.

Toothbrush Travel Case Included

Bitvae electric toothbrush for adults includes with a portable travel case so you can always use this toothbrush while traveling or on a business trip.

IPX7 Waterproof & 2-Minute Smart Timer

The built-in 2-minute timer control system pulses every 30 seconds to remind you to move on to the next quadrant of your mouth.

Package Includes

1 Bitvae R2 Toothbrush Handle, 8 Toothbrush Heads, 1 Travel Case, 1 USB Cable (Adaptor not Included), 1 Instruction Manual.

Ultimate Clean Brush Head

Rounded bristles remove plaque without damaging gums.

Gum Care Brush Head

Ultra-soft 0.01mm bristles provide a gentle clean along the gum line.

During brushing, the quad-paced timer emits a short stuttering sound to indicate when to switch brushing to a new area. At the end of two minutes of brushing time, the toothbrush stops brushing completely, although you can also switch it back on if you prefer to brush for longer than the

It’s easy to clean the Bitvae R2 Rotating Electric Toothbrush by simply rinsing the brush head under running water, switching it off, and removing the brush head. It’s a good idea to clean the brush head and handle separately before drying, to prevent a build-up of old toothpaste and other nasties between the head and the handle.

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