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IvyBears Boost Immune 150g

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Europe’s Number One Gummy Multivitamin  IvyBears® Boost Immune contains important minerals and highly concentrated essential vitamins that are geared towards our body’s essential needs. They contain magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, B6, E, D2, B2, B12, biotin and folic acid. The vitamin bears help to improve your physical strength, health, immune system, and daily energy.    

Packed with essential nutrients and vitamins to perfectly support your bodies immune system every day.

Our gummies are naturally delicious, vegan, without preservatives, artificial colourings, flavourings and are free of titanium dioxide.

Contains 60 gummies

Weight: 150g

Duration: 1-month supply

Glucose Syrup • Sugar • Dextrose • Gelling Agent • Pectin • Tricalcium Phosphate • Citric Acid • Colour (Carrot And Apple Concentrate) • Natural Flavour • L-ascorbic Acid • Vegetable Coconut Oil • Vegetable Canola Oil • Coconut Oil Derivatives • Dl-alpha-tocopheryl • Natural Orange Flavor • Zinc Citrate • Pyridoxine • Hydrochloride • Calcium D-pantothenate • Carnauba Wax Polishing Agent • Riboflavin • Magnesium Sulfate • D-biotin • Pteroyl Monoglutamic Acid • Cyanocovalamine.

Taken regularly to increase the positive effect. 2 bears per day support your bodies immune system every day.

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